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A walk through historical locations in Kaltene

Kaltene features several homes where shipbuilders used to live – Caurnāši, which was home to the Bertliņi family, Ilmati, where six ailing ships were built, Maizītes, where the Stahl family of ship builders built 16 two-mast and three-mast ships, and Dambekalni, which was once one of the first canned fish factories on the coastline.  To the side of the sea are the old boat piers of Kaltene.  In 1936, a board pier was built by the Freijs family from Roja.  It was 200 m long and had room for some 50 boats.  All that is left are wooden poles that have been eaten away by the sea and time.  If you want to learn about the specifics, difficulties and challenges of fishermen today, visit Ervīns Vilciņš in Ķirķrags.  He will tell interesting stories on the basis of his experience.  You can watch as he fishes in the morning and then taste the fish that he has caught. (Source: Roja TIC)

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