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Self drive tour Individual Latvia, Lithuania

By car and bicycle to the Curonian Dunes

Liepāja - Curonian dunes - Klaipēda

Breakfast at the guest house.
Travel by car: Liepāja - Palanga - Klaipėda - Couronian Dunes (to Nida) - Klaipėda.
Points of interest en route: The Klaipėda  old city; in the Courlandian Dunes - the Maritime Museum, Witch Hill at Jodkrante, a colony of herons, a nature trail, the villages of Preila and Pervalka; in Nida - the Pārnida Dune, the Mann House, the Nida shoreline promenade.
Ferry: Klaipėda  - Couronian Dunes (Smiltyne).
Cycling from Nida to Pervalka (~15 km) or to Preila (~10 km). This route passes along a special route for hikers and bicyclists, and it leads along a shoreline of sand dunes that have been washed onto the shore over the eons. The dunes have been halted now, but a few centuries ago they regularly covered ancient Courlandian villages. Along the way you will find two modern Courlandian villages - Preila and Pervalka. You can visit one of the shoreline pubs and taste freshly caught and smoked fish. You can return along the highway, but be very careful - it is a narrow and much-travelled road. By no means allow children to ride bicycles down this road! You can also organise transport to greet you at Pervalka. That may be the best option.
Ferry: Couronian Dunes (Smiltyne) - Klaipėda.
Overnight in a guest house in Klaipėda.

Distance cycling 15 km