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Baltic's Road

Valmiera - Oleri - Koni

Tourist attractions

  • The ruins of the Valmiera Castle - The castle was burned down in 1702 during the Great Northern War, and the city’s walls were torn down in the late 17th century.
  • The "Adzelviesi" hemp farm - The farm produces hemp from which it produces hemp butter, roughly ground seeds, as well as hemp oil.
  • The Oleri Estate -  The oldest elements of the Oleri Estate date back to the 17th century.
  • The Klimpas farm - The farm breeds more than 150 sheep.
  • A monument to soldiers who fell during liberation battles in Rujiena  - The monument is in the Bērtuļi cemetery and has a brass plaque that reads “With deep thanks to fallen heroes of the Latvian people.  The 10th Rūjiena Vanagi district.”  
  • The Sower sculpture - This 1939 monument was designed by Kārlis Zemdega and is dedicated to Agriculture Minister Arturs Alberings from the first period of Latvian independence.
  • The Trumpeter of Talava monument - Monument designed by Kārlis Zemdega was installed in 1937 and was initially known as a monument to soldiers who liberated and fell in Rūjiena.
  • The Koni windmill - The windmill processes wool with equipment that is 100 years old and is used to produce handmade blankets and pillows that are stuffed with sheep wool, as well as souvenirs that can be commissioned and purchased.
  • A commemorative sign for the Baltic Way - This is one of few open air objects to honour the globally unique Baltic Way demonstration, during which several million residents of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia joined hands in an unbroken chain that stretched from Tallinn all the way to Vilnius.
Accommodations Taverns
Distance driving 60 km

Choose just one farm to visit (Adzelvieši or Klimpas), and the tour will take at least an hour or hour-and-a-half.