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Baltic's Road

Bauska and surroundings

Tourist attractions

  • The Ribbes windmill - The windmill is one of the best preserved architectural monuments of its type in Latvia, and it offers an educational exhibition, “The Path of the Grain.”
  • Vilis Pludons’ homestead  - Vilis Plūdons (1874-1940) was an outstanding Latvian poet, a representative of the style of National Romanticism, and a schoolteacher.
  • Bauska - Today Bauska old town with reconstructed City Hall and the restored Bauska Castle is one of the most interesting Latvian historical town centres. Bauska is known for its annual events - Ancient Music Festival, Bauska town festival, country music festivals, and other events.
  • The Bauska City Hall  - The restored city hall offers a chance for people to weigh themselves and measure their height with old-time measurements.  
  • The Bauska Castle  - It is one of the most important military and political elements of the Livonian Order. Today the castle houses a museum.
Accommpdations Taverns
Distance driving 30 km

It will take at least 90 minutes to tour the Ribbes windmill.