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No 927
Castle, manor house
Castle, manor house Latvia, Kurzeme, Kandavas novads

The Kalnmuizas Castle

Contact information

Kristīne Otmane
+371 26699033
Kandavas pag., Kandavas nov.
LV 3120, Latvia

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Rest and recreation at a beautiful location in Abava’s primeval valley. Up to 150 people can be accomodated in the summer – up to 100 in the winter. Cafe, kitchen, billiards, novus, hikes in Abava’s primeval valley.

Located in Kalnmuižas Castle. The pride of the restaurant's menu are the greens, fruits and vegetables from the ancient valley of the River Abava, wild game and mushrooms from Kurzeme forests, meat, crayfish, trout, goat’s cheese and home-made bread from the district’s farms. The menu depends on the season. Offer includes seasonal specialities.