No 75
Country house
Country house Latvia, Kurzeme, Pāvilostas novads


Contact information

Agita Pētersone
Mob: +371 29124128
Sakas pag.
Pāvilostas nov.
LV-3436, Latvia

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Sweet and sour rye bread is baked here on the hearth of a wood-fired oven, following an old family recipe and using home-grown, historical varieties of rye flour. The dough consists of rye or barley flour, salt, sugar, caraway seas and natural yeast. You can help to bake the bread, taste and buy it, and tour the farm’s museum. The farm grows its own grain in an environmentally friendly way. 

Available for purchase: sweet and sour rye bread, sweet and sour rye bread with peas, garlic, seeds, hemp, or without sugar.