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Historical or modern center Latvia, Zemgale


Dobele name in historical sources for the first time is mentioned in1254. Dobele was one of the most fortified Semigallian places; therefore from 1279 until 1289 it survived six attacks by German crusaders. In 1289 Semigallians was forced to retreat. In 1335 conquerors instead of Semigallian castle began construction of new - stone castle. On the opposite shore of Berze - on the left bank merchants and craftsmen village began to form. Town suffered greatly during the Northern War and during the subsequent plague. A significant event in the economic life was the 1927, when Liepaja-Gludas railway line was built. After World War II in Dobele and its vicinity came to the Soviet militaries, who built one of the largest Soviet tanks range "Dobele-2". Now Dobele travellers are offered a range of interesting sites to be visited.

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