No 10552
Relief Latvia, Kurzeme, Alsungas novads

Dizgabalkalns Hill

Is an ancient Courlandian castle hill and is found in the very centre of Alsunga.  It was named in 1659 when General Berg from Kurzeme put cannons on it to attack Swedish forces that had fortified themselves in the Alsunga castle.  The hill is 8 to 10 metres high and 24 x 54 metres wide, offering a lovely view of the St Michael Roman Catholic Church, as well as the Alsunga windmill lake that is alongside it.  There is a distinct terrace around the hill, and it once was the foundation of wooden defensive structures.  On the other side of the street, to the West of the castle hill, is a cemetery with fire graves of Courlandians that date back to the 11th to 13th century.  Archaeologists examined the area during the middle part of the last century.  The Suiti celebrate Easter and other holidays on the hill.  

Distance from countries capital city185