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No 934
Castle, manor house Self-catering cottage
Castle, manor house Latvia, Latgale, Vārkavas novads

Arendole manor

Arendole manor is a charming historical sight in the countryside of Latgale which is open for public. It is situated in the picturesque place in the Rozkalni district, on the banks of the river Dubna. Thanks to the efforts of the current owners, the manor is now being qualitatively restored. It is planned to become a cultural and educational centre which will honour Latgalian culture, the past and the present.

Canoeing15m   Guests4   Bedrooms2   Distance from countries capital city230   Season1-12   Accommodation available
Mob. 29421413
Rožkalnu pag.
Vārkavas nov.
LV-5325, Latvia