Public transport tours

Our public transport touring routes take you to cities and small towns in Baltic countries by train or bus. Route descriptions inform about transport options, duration of travel between destinations. There is also information about pick-up services to rural attraction and accommodations sites like farms and guest houses.
Plan your trip using transport enquiry online service Bus and train schedules are seasonal. Transport tickets often may not be available earlier than 10 days bfore a trip. Tickets can be bought online for international and intercity busses and trains. Ifpossible, it is recommended to have them printed. For local busses tickets are sold on the bus, usually in cash. Cards are not accepted on local busses. If travelling by bicycle, you can transport it by train and bus, when necessary.
Our public transport touring routes include sites of interest to visit, their information links areprovided. Accommodations, places to eat and local farms to visit can be found on our map.
This page is also available in German language.


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