Walking you can really get a good sense of the diversity of natural beauty. You can walk along the beach, wander through picturesque river valleys, mature forests and through bogs. There are lots of nature trails with information stands and viewing platforms. Trails lead through national parks and other areas that are under environmental protection. Bog shoe walking is also available in some national parks.

  • Walking tours run from May until September.
  • For your convenience we can organize a luggage transfer from one accommodation place to the next.
  • We provide GPS routes for some tours.
  • Private specialist guides can be arranged within the national parks and museum reserves.
  • Before your arrival, we shall send you a personalised tour program with dates, accommodations and extra services you booked (please see the optional extra services available in each tour description in the price section).
  • Upon your arrival at the first hotel of your tour you will receive detailed road maps for each day, descriptions with sites, attractions, eating places on the way,  travelling instructions from place to place, and vouchers for your booked services as well as tour . To see an example of the travelling instructions please click here (pdf file). GPS tracks are available for some tours.
  • For our clients, we operate 24h emergency phone.

If you have an idea how you'd like to travel around the Baltic, we can help you to put the  tour together and you can count on our local advice.

What are the group tours?
Overview Tour details
7 days
Total distance walking 18 km, boating 17 km, cycling 17 km
from 865 EUR / pers

Adventures in the Gauja National Park for kids and adults

Это богатый на мероприятия тур, ориентированный на семейный отдых. Запланированные мероприятия влкючают в себя катание на велосипедах, байдарках и пешие прогулки. После знакомства со Старым Городом и парками в Риге, вы сделаете остановку в Этнографическом музее под открытым небом, который дает практическое представление о жизни в старинной Латвии и ее архитектуре. В Сигулде пешая прогулка начинается у руин романтического средневекового замка и проходит вдоль долины реки Гауя к Турайдскому музею — резервату с его средневековым замком, обзорной башней, традиционными поместными зданиями и действующей кузницей, где вам понравится выковать монеты. Увлекательный сплав на байдарках от Цесиса проходит через несколько живописных прибрежных обрывов и небольших порогов, завершаясь у старомодного парома в Лигатне, который до сих пор действует ежедневно, работая от энергии течения реки. Будучи в Лигатне, прогуляйтесь по природным тропам, где сможете увидеть местных диких животных в больших вольерах, таких, как: дикие кабаны, медведи, рысь, волки и другие.

Совершить «Путешествие во времени» вы сможете, отправившись на экскурсию в бывший секретный советский военный бункер, созданный на случай ядерной войны, в то время как экскурсия по средневековому Цесису и его замку Ливонского Ордена при свете фонарей предоставит вам иные исторические ощущения.

Во время экскурсий дети смогут увидеть красивую природу, узнать много нового о местной флоре и фауне, заинтересоваться историей, получить полезные навыки и помимо всего прочего, им будет очень весело.

Walking Canoeing Cycling
6 days

Mushroom Tour at Kurzeme Region

This is for people who enjoy forests, wildlife, local traditions and has a specific interest in the different species of funghi. Everyone could try their hand at mushrooming, identification and by the end of the day together with guide sort out the collected mushrooms. The tour passes several national parks and late back villages. The group will also visit to one of shitake mushroom growers for comparison reasons.

Walking Botanical Mushroom picking
7 days
Total distance walking 51 km
from 595 EUR / pers

Walking Along the Baltic Sea Coast

We strart the tour from Riga by bus and proceed along the Baltic Sea coast, passing through many different landscapes - white sandy beaches, coastal meadows, dunes with pine forests and steep banks. Many beaches are wild and completely deserted. Access to these territories were highly restricted during Soviet times. The route leads through ethnographic fishermen villages at Nida, passing Pape nature reserve where wild horses graze. The bustling city of Liepaja impreses with its lively promanade and music scene. The city also has a long military history which can cleary be seen walking among the naval fortifications and visiting the former millitary town. Well-maintained Ventspils has a pleasant market, castle and numerous parks. A restored narrow-gauge railway with working steam engine is well worth a visit as well as the Craft House - ideal for local handmade souvenirs. On the way back the tour goes through the pretty provincial town of Kuldiga with well- preserved wooden architecture. The tour includes two of the most interesting national parks: Slitere which holds the geological history of former ages and Kemeri with its great heath trail and sulphur springs.

Walking By the sea Active season months6-9