Latvian Cuisine

Latvia has a wealth of culinary traditions, because the country is at the crossroads of Europe, and so influences from other nations have come from the East and the West over the course of centuries.  Latvian cuisine is distinctly seasonal, because we have four seasons, and each of them offers specific products and tasty treats. Our menu features many dishes from the forest, waters, meadows or own garden – it can be found in the logo "Latvian cuisine" symbols.

Logo "Latvian cuisine" highlights the places where you can enjoy Latvian dishes: f.e., Potatoes with herring and cottage cheese, Smoked meat and fish, Potato salad, Chilled soups, Sorrel soup, wild Mushroom sauce, Grit sausage, Loin of pork with sauerkraut, Layered rye bread, Carrot buns.

Understandings about tasty and nutritious food have changed over the course of time.  Traditional recipes are adapted to reduce the amount of fat and to make the structure of dishes lighter.  Restaurants in Latvia present dishes that offer the most surprising combinations of foods from Latvia’s countryside, meadows, forests and bodies of water, thus preserving distinct seasonality in the ingredients that are used.

Latvians are hospitable, and they will bring gifts when they come visiting and always give you one for the road when you’re leaving.


Latvian season dishes

Latvia’s most popular dishes

The Broshure "Traditional and modern Latvian foods and Beverages"

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