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Cider days in Pāvilosta or Baltic Cider & Food Challenge will take place in the premises and courtyard of Hotel OTTO & Sun, where visitors can enjoy the event in two parts:

August 4, 19:00, by pre-booking a place for a gastronomic cider dinner performed by three chefs. The evening will be accompanied by stories from cider makers and recommendations by sommeliers to discover fantastic flavor combinations dedicated to cider. 

August 5, 12:00 - 16:30 Bread, cheese and cider market, visitors can buy a tasting glass and a booklet with information about all participants at the entrance. During the fair, there will be master classes about cider and food matching.

Pāvilosta, Latvia
10.-12.11.2022 NORDIC INTERNATIONAL CIDER AWARDS & NORSK SIDERFESTIVAL 2022. International Cider Awards (NICA) and Norsk Siderfestival in Bergen are well underway. Bergen city will be filled with cider culture, history, tastings and gourmet dinners and more from. Watch on YouTube video  Bergen, Norway
31.07.2022 On July 31, people honour the new harvest of rye bread at the Āraiši windmill. This year the festival will have a broader sound, because Latvian cider made of apples will be involved.  This symbolises the merger of ancient and new traditions. Rye bread has long since been the bearer of ancient Latvian culinary traditions. Cider, in turn, is a new identity product for Latvia, because cider culture began to appear only 30 years or so ago. We are justified to be proud of our bread and cider that is put on the festival table. It can be brought as a housewarming gift or enjoyed on an everyday basis. Āraiši Windmill, Latvija


Baltic Cider Awards

The competition "Wine of the Year 2020", which has become a popular landmark of Latvian gourmets in the range of wines available in Latvia, will find out the best wines available in Latvia for the 7th year in a row, as well as for the first time in the history of the competition or the Baltic Cider Competition. An international jury will select the best sparkling, white, red, rosé and fortified wines, as well as ciders to be presented in a special parade on November 14, 2020 within the framework of the Riga Wine & Champagne festival.

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About the Competition "Wine of the Year 2020": 

Hanzas Perons, Riga

Ābolsvētki - Abavas vīnadarītavai 10!

"Sidra ceļš" 12.septembrī svin Abavas vīnadarītavas dibināšanas desmitgadi, atzīmējot to ar krāšņiem un sirsnīgiem svētkiem visai ģimenei!
12. septembrī, Ārlavciemā, vīnadarītavas ābeļdārzā notiks otrie Ābolsvētki! Ābolsvētkos gaidāma īsta ballīte dienas garumā - Dziļi violets un Jazzwine rūpēs par ritma un skaņas radīšanu. Paralēli - iedvesmojošas lekcijas par āboliem un to audzēšanu, radoši un garšīgi pārsteigumi no Laura Aleksejeva, sarunas ar ABAVAS saimniekiem, dažādi muzikāli priekšnesumi un, protams, ABAVAS produktu degustācijas dienas garumā un speciālas atlaides vīnadarītavas veikalā. Un dārzs būs pilns ar sulīgiem āboliem.
Lai ievērotu valstī noteiktos drošības pasākumus par iespēju apsēsties pasākuma laikā jārūpējas pašiem, līdzi ņemot saliekamo krēslu, pledu vai citu sēžamo.Ieeja Ābolsvētkos ir BEZMAKSAS.

Tiekamies 12. septembrī!

Abavas vīna darītava, Ārlavciems


About Latvian Cider Traditions and Festivals

The smaller Latvian cider makers can often be found at fairs, especially ones taking place during the various solstice festivities, in the Easter and Christmas markets, and in the summer in the festivals of the small Latvian towns. Producers that offer tap ciders also take part in the major summer festivals and concerts.

The Sabile Wine Festival

For many years now, the most significant festival in Latvia is the Sabile Wine Festival, which is based on the historical traditions of the Sabile Wine Hill. Every year, almost all of the Latvian producers gather here in the last week of July. With increasing numbers of cider makers, this festival has gradually become a fair for cider too, adding to the enjoyment of tourists in Kurzeme.

The Night Symphony for the Apple Orchard (organised in May by the Abavas Winery as part of the Museum Night)

The Ārlavciems apple orchard is at its most delightful and magical during the apple blossom. The flowering apple trees are a sight worth capturing in photos, so there is a photo contest organised before the event. On the day of the event, various master classes and creative workshops are held and the audience can enjoy an open-air concert as well as many other surprises, whilst surrounded by the beautiful fragrance of the flowering apple trees.

The Apple Blossom Celebration in Jumprava (organised in May by the Mr. Plūme Cidery)

Once a year, during the apple blossom period, the Plūme family open the doors of their cidery to everyone. The guests are invited to taste their ciders, enjoy the beautiful flowers in the apple orchard, and relax in nature. Musical performances are provided by Mr. Plūme himself, as he used to be a professional guitar player and still loves picking up his guitar from time to time. Entrance is free.

The Ārlavciems Apple Festival – the Apple Harvest Festival (organised in September by the Abavas Winery)

This is a festival for everyone who appreciates the countryside with its typical fresh air and peace, and enjoys working in the garden together with friends, relatives and family. During the event you can pick the special Ārlavciems apples, celebrate, enjoy open-air concerts, participate in various workshops and physical activities, relax in the apple orchard cinema, and take part in many other activities.

The Wild Apple Collective Harvest in Naukšēni (usually organised in October by the Naukšēni Winery)

From 2015, collective apple harvesting in Naukšēni was a yearly activity that was enjoyed with family relatives and friends who joined in to help with the apple picking, but since 2019 this family tradition has been extended to the general public, meaning that anyone who would like to experience the magic of harvesting wild apples, is welcome to lend a hand. Such a year is yet to come when all of the apples are harvested, as the orchard is exceptionally large (around 2000 trees) and the apples are very small... There is no need to worry about empty stomachs, as there is always soup, meat and Naukšēni drinks on the table after the harvest. For a fully relaxing experience, a special bus on the RigaValmiera-Naukšēni route is arranged for both directions.


Atbalsta Zemkopības ministrija un Lauku atbalsta dienests

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