Country Holidays

Guest houses

Accommodations in the countryside or in a village or in a small town for larger number of guests. Guesthouses contain no less than 5 bedrooms, sauna, banquet and seminar rooms, recreation.

Guest houses in Latvia
Guest houses in Lithuania
Guest houses in Estonia
Quality categories
We at "Lauku celotajs" have visited all the accommodation sites presented in this website, therefore the information is reliable. To help you sort out the offer and find a holiday site that would suit you best, we have graded the country homes, guesthouses and self-catering cottages in Latvia into four categories of quality. A quality category is represented by 1 to 4 butterflies shown next to the title of each accommodation site. We do not grade accommodation sites in Lithuania and Estonia.

Minimum facilities
Basic facilities and amenities, electrical power, drainage. Rooms are not large, with simple furnishings and furniture – beds, chairs and coat hangers. Washing facilities in a bathhouse or in an outbuilding. Dry toilet in the house or in an outhouse.
Bedrooms provided and a living room, serving also as a dining room and/or party room. Washing and WC facilities in the house, usually shared with the host family or other guests. The rooms are larger and better furnished than in the previous category. There is an open area for recreation by the house.
Rooms are convenient. Guests have a separate living room from the hosts. Washing and WC facilities can be shared by all guests, or facilities for private use next to bedroom. Cozy interior. Surroundings well kept, with garden furniture, a picnic spot or similar. Good quality holiday activity facilities and equipment.
Very good
Separate entrance. All rooms – bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom – spacious and well appointed. En-suite bathroom and WC facilities. TV and audio equipment in bedrooms or in a living room. Facilities and amenities are in private use (e.g., sauna is not shared with other guests). Good choice of activity facilities. Spacious and well kept open areas for recreation.