Отдых на селе
Нo 797
Гостиница Латвия, Vidzeme, Cēsu novads, Cēsis


In 2017, a design hotel was opened in Cesis, on the banks of the Gauja River. At the end of 19th century and at the beginning of 20th century Russian aristocrats built villas for summer recreation here. At present, six hectares of the territory are home to three villas (Villa Santa, Villa Ieva and Villa Carola) with a restaurant, a hall of TILTA HOUSE, an ancient apple garden and a restored wooden gazebo. The hotel has 30 rooms, with a light interior, with a touch of Scandinavian minimalism and Latvian bourgeoisie, preserving the aura of the summer cottage.

Гости60   Спальни30   Расстояние от столицы90   Сезон1-12