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Сельские лакомства Ресторанчик
Сельские лакомства Латвия, Kurzeme, Kuldīgas novads

Гостевой дом MAZSALIJAS


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The farm breeds deer and trout, produces vegetables, fruit and wine. Visitors can see the deer garden, wild boar, taste berries and fruits directly from the garden, and participate in creative workshops and cooking master classes. Souvenirs are available: booklets and puzzles about deer, home-made caramels and apple chips. At the workshop the food is prepared on an open fire, using deer, trout and vegetables from the Mazsālijas farm. For the starter you will prepare deer tartar and salted trout à la Kurzeme. For the main course, you will cook butter-fried trout with steamed seasonal vegetables, and pieces of beef with rosemary potatoes. For dessert - cottage cheese cream with strawberry sorbet. These dishes represent hunting and fishing in Mazsālijas, and these are important activities in the rural Kurzeme region. The hostess also offers a pancake workshop as an alternative option.


  • Meet the hosts, introduction of the house and the farm.
  • Cooking with the hosts and listening to the story of the Kurzeme region culinary heritage.
  • Enjoying the meal.
  • Short tour of the property – the deer garden and the wine cellar. Tasting the apple brandy home-made by the host.

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Flavours of Livonia - Производитель, Кейтеринг

Дегустации напитков и выращенных в хозяйстве продуктов; Мастер-классы, в том числе и для детей.