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Активный отдых
Активный отдых Индивидуальная Эстония

Along the banks of the River Piusa and discovering the Land of Setos: Vana-Vastseliina – Piusa (EE)

Практическая информация

Общее расстояние пешком 23 км

Itinerary: Võru – Vana-Vastseliina – Piusa – Võru

Route length: 23 km (7-9 h)

Duration: 2 days (hiking 1 day)

Difficulty level: hard

Road surface: Small forest roads, forest trails, paths through meadows in the River Piusa valley and its surroundings; gravel roads and paved roads elsewhere.

Danger points: Don’t go too close to the edge of the sandstone outcrop! Some slopes of the Piusa valley are steep and may become slippery in wet weather.

Good to know! Shoes may become wet in damp conditions. There are no shops and caterers in the destination. It is necessary to take lunch boxes.

Start point of hiking: Vana-Vastseliina Episcopal Castle (bus from Võru or private transfer).

End point of hiking: Piusa (bus to Võru or private transfer).