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Выпекание деревенского хлеба в BERZINI


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Агро – наследство
Агро – наследство

Хозяева обучают традициям выпечки хлеба по рецептами предков и выпекают его в настоящей хлебной печи.


For the bread baking workshop, the sweet-sour pastry is already prepared the day before, and the oven is heated two hours before the guests’ arrival. During the workshop, guests bake their own bread loaf. Its special taste and aroma is provided by the oven, which is more than 70 years old, as well as bakery tools preserved from the past, that are almost 200 years old. The bread oven is swept with a juniper broom. The farm has received the Latvian Cultural Heritage award for keeping bread baking traditions.


  • Meet and greet
  • Workshop: forming bread loaves; putting bread in the oven for 1.5 hours
  • While the bread is baking, guests listen to the story about the Bērziņš family and their bakery traditions
  • Tasting of the freshly baked bread
  • Optional lunch - pre-ordered salmon soup and traditional dessert made from local country produce.


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08.11.2022... -15.12.2025
Культура и история
Латышское наследие

The farm offers wheat and rye bread baked in accordance with old family recipes.  A special oven that is more than 70 years old ensures the taste and aroma of the bread, and the owners use antique baking tools such as a kneading trough, an oven peel and a dough hook.  Visitors can contact the farm in advance to arrange for a visit during which they can bake their own loaves of bread.  The owners will talk about the Jūrkalne mill, which was built in 1740 and once played a great role in bread baking traditions in the region.


Host:  Juris Lastovskis

Ancient skills:  Baking bread

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Flavours of Livonia - Производитель

Пшеничный и ржаной хлеб; Мастерская хлебопеков.

Путь ржи - Пекарь

Хлеб можно заказать либо по предварительной записи испечь собственный каравай.