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Активный отдых Индивидуальная Латвия, Kurzeme

The Greate Wave Sea: Liepaja - Ventspils

Liepāja - Ventspils

●    Hiking Liepaja - Ziemupe (22 km, 8 -10 h)
●    Private transfer to accommodation place
●    Accommodation in Ziemupe


Difficulty level: medium / hard

Road surface: Sandy and pebbly beaches, coastal trails, occasionally soft, silted sand, in some places there are stones and structures protecting against coastal erosion.

Dangerous places: Personal safety must be ensured in the surroundings of the fortifications. They are washed away by the sea and are not equipped with amenities. It is not recommended to wade through the sea as there are sharp and dangerous underwater objects.

Good to know! Near Saraiķi, there is no access to the sea for the public (private properties). 

No shops or catering are available from Karosta to Ziemupe. ( Only small snack bar in Ziemupe parking place during the summer time). Need to take lunch boxes.

Accomodation: in Ziemupe

Расстояние пешком 22 км