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Активный отдых Индивидуальная Эстония

Estonian islands

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Saaremaa and Hiumaa are the two largest ones amongst 1500 other Estonian islands. In fact Saaremaa is the common name for Muhu and Saaremaa islands which are connected by the causeway like Hiumaa and Kassari islands. 
Kuressare is a capital of Saaremaa and that's from where this route starts. There is impressive medieval Bishop's Castle, many spas, pleasant cafés, galleries and market in the town. From Kuressare the route goes to sparsely populates Sõrve peninsula. Then going towards Kihelkonna you pass Viidumäe Nature Reserve and reach Vilsandi National Park which encompasses Vilsandi and 150 other off-shore islets. Its headquarters is at Loona Manor. 
Small fishermen villages, picturesque juniper growth, windmills are typical for the Saaremaa landscape. 
From Triigi there is a ferry to Hiumaa island which is much wilder than Saaremaa. There are peninsulas to all direction stretching in the sea. The route goes to Kõpu peninsula where is the most remarkable and the third oldest lighthouse in Europe located.  Kärdla is the main town of the island once renowned for its textiles factory which now houses museum. Kassari island is a retreat from several Estonian artists who has summer houses there. Kassari Church is unusual for its thatched roof. 
Arriving back to Saaremaa explore Meteorite Lake at Kaali and the earliest stone church in Estonia – Valjala Church. Return to Kuressare.