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In the heart of Gauja National Park: Sigulda – Līgatne

Praktiskā informācija

Itinerary: Sigulda – Līgatne

Route length: 24 km (8-10 h)

Duration: 1 day

Difficulty level: medium

Road surface: Predominantly forest roads, forest and country trails, wooden stairs by Paradīzes Hill, paved roads and pavements in Sigulda and Līgatne.

Danger points: Some parts of the trails and riverbank slopes in the ancient valley of the River Gauja may be slippery in wet weather and in winter. Swimming in the River Gauja can be dangerous!

Good to know: It is possible to organise a transfer from Līgatne back to Sigulda at the end of the tour.

Starting point of hiking: Sigulda Railway Station Square (frequent buses and trains to/from Riga)

End point of hiking: Līgatne tourist information centre (bus to Augšlīgatne and then by bus or train to Riga or Sigulda).

Accommodation: in Līgatne or Sigulda.

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