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Impressive dunes of Lake Peipsi: Lohusuu – Remniku (EE)

Tartu - Kauksi / Tartu - Lohusuu


Drive by car Tartu – Kauksi or bus Tartu – Lohusuu.

Hiking Lohusuu – Kuru or Kauksi (15-17 km, 6-8 h)

Practical info:

Road surface: Paved roads, forest roads and trails, pavement for 3 km, sandy beach by Lake Peipus

Difficulty: easy

Danger points: The 3 km section between Rannapungerja and Kauksi runs along the edge of Tartu‒Jõhvi motorway (No. 3). The edge is wide, and it is mown in the summer, so it's convenient for walking. Be careful when you are crossing the motorway!

Good to know! There are only some shops and cafés (mostly seasonal) on the northern shore of Lake Peipus, so be sure to plan ahead and bring enough food with you.

Accommodation in Kauksi or Kuru.

Distance walking: 15-17 km