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Aktīvā atpūta Individuāla Latvija, Vidzeme

The rocky beach of Vidzeme: Saulkrasti - Svētciems


  • Going by train: Riga - Saulkrasti (1 h, train operates ~ 1 x per hour)
  • Arrival in Saulkrasti, walk to the sea ~ 1 km
  • Hiking Saulkrasti - Tūja (28 km, 9 - 12 h) 

Difficulty level: medium / hard
Road surface: Fine gravel, sand, plank-ways, forest trails. In Zvejniekciems, asphalt, bays with sandy beaches, capes with stones, in some places, pebbles.
Good to know! In some places, fine gravel is washed ashore which makes walking difficult. The stones overgrown with algae are slippery. A lot of stones “move”. You will need suitable (closed) footwear and walking poles for support.
Accommodation: near Tūja. 

Attālumi ar kājām 28 km


  • Hiking Tūja - Svētciems (24 km, 8-10 h)
  • A bus ride Svētciems - Riga (the stop is 1 km from the sea, the bus runs 7-9 times a day) or stay overnight at Svētciems.


Difficulty level: hard

Road surface: Rocky beaches, grassy/reedy coastal sections, gravel roads, asphalt, forest trails, occasionally algae washed ashore (algae scum)

Good to know: The sandstone outcrops are composed of an unconsolidated and unstable material, which is why it is not safe to approach them from the top and the bottom or to crawl into the caves washed out by the waves.

Attālumi ar kājām 24 km