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Aktīvā atpūta
Aktīvā atpūta Individuāla Lietuva

A tour of Lithuania’s national and regional parks

1.diena Druskininkai

  • Arrival in Druskininkai.
  • Sightseeing in Druskininkai.
  • Accommodation in Druskininkai.

2.diena Druskininkai - Žiogeliai - Druskininkai

  • Forest Trail hike: Druskininkai - Žiogeliai (13 km, 2 - 3h)

Road surface: Gravel and forest roads, in Druskininkai – asphalt sidewalks, pedestrian / bicycle sidewalks, pavement.

Difficulty level: easy

  • Bus to Druskininkai.

Accommodation in Druskininkai.

Attālumi ar kājām 13 km

3.diena Druskininkai - Žiogeliai - Merkinė - Alytus

  • Bus from Druskininkai to Žiogeliai (there are many buses per day).
  • Forest Trail hike: Žiogeliai - Merkinė (25 km, 6 - 8h)

Road surface: Small forest and country roads, gravel roads, in a short section – trails and asphalt (Merkinė), by the castle mounds – stairs.

Difficulty level: medium

Danger points: The Merkys river must be crossed via the A4 road bridge. You have to cross the road and walk along the side of the road for a few hundred metres. There are hogweeds in the vicinity of the Utieka, which must not be touched, because they cause burns!

Good to know! There are no shops or catering sites from Žiogeliai to Merkinė, so you need to take a lunch box.

  • Bus from Merkinė to Alytus.

Accommodation: in Alytus.

Attālumi ar kājām 25 km

4.diena Alytus - Birštonas

  • Bus Alytus - Birštonas or private transfer.
  • Sightseeing in Birštonas.
  • Accommodation: in Birštonas.

5.diena Birštonas - Prienai - Kaunas

  • Forest Trail hike: Birštonas - Prienai (10 km, 2 - 3h)

Road surface: Asphalt and paved sidewalks – coastal promenade, pedestrian / bicycle paths, in a small section – gravel road.

Difficulty level: easy

  • Public bus to Kaunas.

Accommodation: in Kaunas.

Attālumi ar kājām 10 km

6.diena Kaunas

  • Sightseeing in Kaunas.
  • Accommodation: in Kaunas.

7.diena Kaunas - Lampedžiai - Kulautuva

  • Public bus to Lampedžiai.
  • Forest Trail hike: Lampedžiai - Kulautuva (16 km, 4 - 6h)

Road surface: Asphalt pavements and pedestrian / bicycle path, in a short section – trails.

Difficulty level: easy

Accommodation: in Kulautuva.

Attālumi ar kājām 16 km

8.diena Kulautuva - Vilkija - Kaunas

  • Hike: Kulautuva - Vilkija (14 km, 4 - 5h)

Road surface: Small country roads with gravel pavement, trails, in a small section – asphalt.

Difficulty level: easy

Danger points: In wet weather, there may be wet spots and puddles on some sections of the route.

Good to know: It is worth seeing Vilkija town and trying a round-trip ferry in Vilkija, because such a vehicle is preserved in only a few places in the Baltic States.

  • Public bus back to Kaunas.

Accommodation: in Kaunas.

Attālumi ar kājām 14 km

9.diena Kaunas - Lake Plateliai

  • Public bus: Kaunas - Šiauliai
  • Train: Šiauliai - Plungė
  • Private transfer to the accommodation by Lake Plateliai.
  • Accommodation: in Paplatele or in Plateliai.

10.diena Paplatelė – Plateliai

  • Forest Trail hike: Paplatelė – Plateliai in Žemaitija National Park (20 km, 5 - 7h)

Road surface: Forest roads and trails, asphalt pedestrian / bicycle paths and sidewalks, gravel roads.

Difficulty level: easy

Good to know: During the summer season, there are many holidaymakers around Plateliai Lake.

Accommodation: in Paplatelė or Plateliai.

Attālumi ar kājām 20 km

11.diena Plateliai -Plungė - Vilnius

  • Private transfer to Plungė.
  • Train: Plungė - Vilnius (there are 3 trains per day, trip duration ~ 3 h 45 min.)