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Grand Forest Trail hiking tour in Latvia and Estonia: Riga – Tallinn, self-drive and hiking (LV/EE)

1.diena Arrive in Riga.

Pick-up the hired car at the airport.

Pick-up your info pack with the maps and detailed itinerary from the hotel reception.

Sightseeing in Riga.

Accommodation in Riga.

2.diena Drive: Riga – Sigulda (~50 km)

Explore Sigulda and Turaida.

We suggest visiting the Sigulda castle ruins, Gutman’s Cave, Turaida Museum Reserve with the castle museum, observation tower, history museum and sculpture garden, the palace with the park of Krimulda.

Accommodation in Sigulda.

3.diena Hiking Sigulda – Līgatne (24 km, 8-10 h)

Difficulty level: medium

Road surface: Predominantly forest roads, forest and country trails, wooden stairs by Paradīzes Hill, paved roads and pavements in Sigulda and Līgatne.

Danger points: Some stretches of trails and river slopes in the ancient valley of the River Gauja may be slippery in damp conditions and winter. Swimming in the River Gauja can be dangerous!

Sights en route: Ravine of the River Vējupīte, Kraukļu gorge –Paradīzes Hill with excellent views of the ancient River Gauja valley. Elpju and Launaga rock, Ligatne Nature Trails and the historic Līgatne papermill village.

Transfer back to Sigulda.

Accommodation in Sigulda.

Distance walking: 24 km

4.diena Drive Sigulda – Āraiši – Cēsis (38 km)

Visit Lake Āraiši Castle and Āraiši Windmill.

Hiking Cīrulīši Nature Trails (3 trails of different length 2.7 km, 3.5 km and 6.2 km). These trails are part of the Forest Trail.

Time for dinner and exploring Cēsis – the charming old town, the ruins of the Livonian Order Castle and the new castle. In the garden of the castle there is a workshop of a traditional jeweller, which can also be visited.

Accommodation in Cēsis.

5.diena Drive: Cēsis – Valmiera – Tartu (175 km)

Visit the Sietiņiezis cliff by the River Gauja (walking ~1.5 km)

Sightseeing in Tartu – Estonia’s second biggest city. Sightseeing in the Old Town, which was built in the style of classicism. Visit Tartu University – the oldest in the Baltic states – as well as the old observatory and the new Estonian National Museum.

Accommodation in Tartu.

Distance walking: ~ 3km

6.diena Drive Tartu – Vasavere (130 km)

Leave the car in the accommodation place. Private transfer to Kuremäe.

Hiking in Alutaguse National Park: Kuremäe – Vasavere (16 km, 5-7 h)

Road surface: Forest trails, forest roads, wooden footbridges in wetlands, gravel roads

Difficulty: Easy

Before the hike it is recommended to visit Kuremäe Monastery, which was established in 1891, and is the only functioning Russian Orthodox Monastery in Estonia. The Forest Trail goes along the picturesque Kurtna landscape reserve (part of Alutaguse National Park), ornamented by the mirror surfaces of its many lakes (42 lakes in total, the highest density in Estonia) among beautiful, bright coniferous forests.

Accommodation in Vasavere.

Distance walking: 16 km

7.diena Drive: Vasavere – Rakvere – Palmse – Altja (135 km)

En route you can see Rakvere Town, where you can visit the Rakvere Medieval Castle ruins and the theme park representing the everyday life of the 16th century. Further on you will see the Palmse manor and park which is located in Lahemaa National Park.

Little hike of the Forest Trail in Altja fishermen’s village (~3 km)

Altja was first mentioned in written records in 1465 and is a typical seaside village, with all of its houses stretching along one street; some of them are typical coastal farms and have been restored by Lahemaa National Park. On the point in Altja you can see the fishing net sheds, which were reconstructed on the basis of old photographs and the memories of the villagers.

After the hike we suggest going for a traditional Estonian meal in Altja Tavern.

Accommodation in Altja or Vihula.

Distance walking: 3 km

8.diena Hiking: Altja / Oandu – Käsmu (~20 km, 7-9 h)

Road surface: Forest trails, forest roads, wooden footbridges in wetlands, gravel roads.

Difficulty: easy

Good to know: It is worth walking an additional extra kilometre in Käsmu to the Vana-Jüri rocks and the historical sites of Käsmu at the tip of the peninsula.

This is the most beautiful Forest Trail section in Lahemaa National Park. At the beginning it goes through a beautiful, wooded inland dune area. And further on, after the resort village Võsu, the trail continues along a beautiful coastal forest promenade till it reaches Käsmu Village.

Transfer back to Altja or Vihula.

Accommodation in Altja or Vihula.

Distance walking: 20 km

9.diena Drive Altja / Vihula – Kolga – Tallinn (~100 km)

En route you can visit the Kolga manor with its impressive territory, several buildings with an antique feeling, as well the Jägala waterfall. This is the highest natural waterfall in Estonia, more than 8 m high.

Accommodation in Tallinn.

10.diena Tallinn

Sightseeing in Tallinn.

Drop the hired car off at the airport. Departure.


Or return to Riga.