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Aktīvā atpūta
Aktīvā atpūta Individuāla Igaunija, Latvija

Walking Nature Trails in Latvia and Estonia

Ainaži - Kabli - Häädemeeste - Soometsa - Pärnu

Sightseeing and walking trails:  

  • Kabli Nature Study Trail (2 km). A trail with two sightseeing towers, changing scenery and birds’ nests. Trail starts in front of the RMK Kabli Nature Centre. 
  • (Possibility to do - several sandy beaches in the area between Ikla and Kabli)
  • Luitemaa Nature Reserve is valued for its sand dunes, raised bogs and old-growth pine forests in the dunes. You can choose 3–6 km (2–3 h) back and forth track in the area (forest road) or use an asphalt road running parallel to the Coastal Hiking walking trail to make a loop tour.
  • Pärnu Coastal Meadow hiking trail  (600 m) with a viewing platform, which stands right by the sea in the middle of the Pärnu beach. Visitors can walk above the backwaters and look for unique protected plants. (1h)


Difficulty level: easy 

Road surface: forest trails, sandy beaches, asphalt in the most populated areas

Distances: 8 km hiking, ~70 km by car

Good to know! During late August–late October Kabli Bird Ringing Station is working, you can have a look on autumn migration and bird ringing.

Accommodation in Pärnu or in Pärnu county.

Attālumi ar automašīnu 70 km, ar kājām 8 km