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Archived - 01/01/2014 - 12/31/2016 (2014-1-UK01-KA000-000057)

FairTourism - Corporate Social Responsibility in Rural Tourism –Guidelines and Training Programme developed in HEI Business Cooperation

Project goals

This project aims to promote CSR as nowadays, Corporate Social Responsibility  is well known and applied in many economic sectors. However, when speaking about tourism only global players, world-wide operating chains and major touristic resorts are familiar with this socio-economic policy. Micro enterprises and SME, especially in rural areas, have usually little idea what this terminus stands for and how it can be utilised for their economic development.

Expected project results

  1. Plan an European survey how CSR can be utilised for micro enterprises and SMEs in rural tourism;
  2. Develop of a handbook including information, guidelines, best practice examples and recommendation how CSR can be implemented in strategic development and daily work of micro enterprises and SMEs in rural tourism;
  3. Development of a approx. 10 modules containing training course;
  4. A creation of a political strategy paper containing findings and experiences of the project.

1st Fair Tourism Newsletter (Winter/Spring 2014/2015).

2nd Fair Tourism Newsletter (Summer/Autumn 2015)

3rd Fair Tourism Newsletter (Winter/Summer 2015/2016)

Fair Tourism Research Report