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Culinary map of Latvia

Culinary map of Latvia

This map features 178 taverns, cafés, restaurants, rural tourist accommodations and other dining venues throughout Latvia (apart from Rīga). All of them prepare and honour Latvian dishes and traditions.

Each listing includes a brief description of the venue and its name, its opening hours, contact information, geographic co-ordinates, and the location on the map. Latvian dishes and any special dishes prepared at the venue are also listed. Please note that some of the venues are not open at all times, instead working on the basis of reservations (such venues are marked with the "reservations required" symbol ). If you are part of a group of more than six people, please make reservations in advance in all cases so that the venue can prepare for your visit.

The map of Latvia (1:550,000) shows all of the dining venues that are described here (the symbol 1 ). The map also presents ten culinary routes in Latvia. They are briefly described on the right side of the map. Full information about the routes can be found at

Available in languages: Latvian, Russian, English, German