Authentic culture experiences available in over 70 "Latvian Heritage" sites


Authentic ethnographic experiences are guaranteed to tourists in guest houses and open farms that are awarded with the “Latvian Heritage” sign. 19 rural tourism businesses joined the “LH” sign holder community on January 11 this year, on a regular “LH” award ceremony with participation of the Latvian Minister of Culture. Today over 70 keepers of Latvian national traditions in the countryside are prepared to show things, tell stories, offer Latvian foods, teach crafts and skills, and celebrate Latvian traditional festivities with their guests.

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In February some of them organise public festivities “Meteņi” to celebrate end of winter and expectations of the coming spring. This tradition involves a carnival with special masks, lots of singing, dancing and eating. If you happen to visit Kārsava region, check on “Dzīles” bakery. They are proud new holders of the “LH” sign for keeping bread baking traditions. This year, on February 12, they organise a public event inviting families with children to enjoy winter frolics and to learn how to make candles. Traditional barley porridge will be cooked on site and served to guests.

Learn more about various experiences of Latvian traditional culture, foods, arts and crafts throughout the year in “LH” sites.



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