Baltic Sea Country Style and Baltic Culinary routes initiative


From the 15th-17th of February in Latvia - Riga was held a project partner meeting - "Baltic Sea Country Style and Baltic Culinary routes initiative". There were a project partners from 7 countries - Latvian, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Finland, Norway and Denmark.
This project aims are to ceate a common rural tourism conception and to create a common "Baltic Sea Culinary Route.

During the meeting, the national representatives discussed about following activities what we all shall do together:

  • exchange trips for cooks
  • study tours for entrepreneurs  /our organizations
  • create a quality certificate
  • seminars for rural entrepreneurs
  • training literature (online)
  • photo and video sessions to create visual material
  • joint website/mobile application (interactive map with route, photos, videos, recipes etc.)
  • promotional literature (maps, tours, recipe book...)
  • participation in food shows (like IGW, Riga Food etc)
  • work with tour operators (creation of database, famtrips)
  • press trips

Project meeting programme.

Meeting minutes.

Presentation Baltic Sea Culinary Route, Asnate Ziemele

Presentation Opportunities for BSCRs in 2015

Presentation Baltic Sea Culinary Route

Presentation Project Support Facility

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