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Self-catering cottage
Self-catering cottage Latvia, Latgale, Krāslavas novads

Horse farm KLAJUMI

from 60 EUR / night
Cat 1 / Cat 2 / Cat 3

Klajumi is situated among picturesque surroundings of Daugavas Loki Nature park and offers accommodation in 3 cottages. Guests can enjoy horse riding facilities. The property is located 2 km from Kaplava village and 5 km from the Latvian – Belarusian border. The town of Krāslava is 10 km away.

"Klajumi" holiday house. On the first floor of the holiday house there is a kitchen with fireplace, dishes and other tools necessary for cooking and eating, herbal tea and instant coffee, a fridge, radio and CD player, shower and sauna. On the second floor and in the attic there are bedrooms. Next to the cottage there is a dry toilet.

"Klajumu Ķemeri" holiday house. Wooden log house with a kitchen, a bedroom, WC and shower.

"Klajumu Ganiņi" holiday house. Two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom. House is suitable for people with disabilities.

Active leisure   Horseback riding   Silence and Peace   Nature for Health   Guests9   Bedrooms3   Distance from countries capital city275   Season1-12   Optional meals
Tel: +371 29472638
Kaplavas pag.,
Krāslavas nov.
LV - 5668, Latvia