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Walking in the Gauja National Park

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7 days

This tour features the best trails and attractions within the Gauja National Park. The walks are organised so that travellers are constantly on the move. The main “artery” of the park is the ancient Gauja River valley with many tributaries and deep ravines with massive sandstone cliffs from the Devonian period. The walk starts from one of the oldest churches in Latvia and follows the river which finishes at Sigulda bobsled track. Scenic views of the river, cliffs and nature trails await in the next section. The Amata river trail winds through untouched forest and inlcudes an icon of the Latvian landscape - Zvartes rock. At Cēsis explore the little streets, climb the tower of St John's Church and visit medieval castle ruins before heading to Cirulisi nature trail to explore the area's geological history. Ungurmuiza Manor is the only remaining wooden baroque manor house in the Baltics. A short trail weaves through ancient oak trees.

The park also features several sites of cultural importance: Turaida Museum Reserve, Krimulda Manor and Ligatne historic centre.

Walking Season5-9