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Guest house
Guest house Latvia, Vidzeme, Kocēnu novads

Лиела муйжа

Academy of joviality „Liela muiza” which deals with making barrels, hot barrels, furniture, stairs, doors, and other household goods, in the summer season offers possibilities of lodging  in the guest house. On the first floor there is a hall for celebrations for 30-35 people, a firewood oven and well-equipped kitchen (rooms for rent and bath-house are offered all year round). Lodging is located on the second floor – 1 room for eight people and 5 double rooms.
Guests can watch the process of barrel making from the beginning till the finished product, as well as take part in barrel making process themselves.


Guests18 Bedrooms6 Distance from countries capital city100 Season5-9
Steam bathRooms for  festivities Kitchen Bicycles