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Church Latvia, Kurzeme, Kuldīga

St Catherine’s Lutheran Church

The first wooden church was built here in 1252, and the brick church was built in 1665.  It burned down and was restored in 1672, but it was rebuilt in later years.  There are important artistic monuments in the interior of the church – the altar, the pulpit and the painted organ.  Legendary Duke Jacob Kettler of Courland (1610-1682) was baptised in the church and married Princess Charlotte Louise from Brandenburg in it.  During the Soviet era, the church housed a museum and a concert hall.  According to legend, the name of the church is based on a woman called Catherine, who donated funds to build the church, was subjected to lies, tortured and then proclaimed as a saint.  Above the side entrance is a medallion of a woman with a crown of thorns, torture equipment and a sword in her hand.  Elements of this story can also be seen in the herald of Kuldīga.  The steeple of the church offers a good look at the roofs of the ancient part of the city.

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