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Self-catering cottage
Self-catering cottage Latvia, Vidzeme, Salacgrīvas novads



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Active leisure
Active leisure

1.09.-1.02. iespēja piedalīties nēģu zvejā Svētupē;

iepriekš vienojoties iespējams doties līdzi jūras zvejā

By the sea
By the sea


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Cat 2


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Environmental protection
Green Certificate
07/11/2014... -12/15/2025

In creation of the centre that consists of a self-catering cottage, place for tents, fireplace, bathhouse and other household buildings there has been to the utmost maintained existent environment with old trees, pine forest and the dune area that has been bounded with stones in order to prevent travelling all over sands and dunes. Place for tents is equipped with a tap with dispensed water supply.

Hosts are offering to the guests to take part in coastal fishing (group of several people) with a boat and seining; they are telling about traditions and acquainting with lamprey fishing in the River Svētupe weir that is characteristic to Vidzeme coast. The hosts show the process of cooking of lampreys and fish soap.  

Culture and history
Latvian Heritage

Vējavas is on the shore of the Bay of Rīga in Vidzeme and in the Northern Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve.  Vējavas is a former fisherman’s homestead with its own cultural history, aura and magnificence.  Groups of various sizes can go to sea in a fisherman’s boat to watch the fishing process.  They can engage in conversations with fishermen to learn about lampreys and the lives of fishermen.  The lamprey weir on the Svētupe River differs from those on the Salaca River in terms of its structure and the fishing principles.  Tasty lampreys and smoked and cooked during the season.  A film about fishing for lampreys is available for viewing.


For preserving the traditions of coastline fishermen