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The Oleri Estate


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Local lifestyle
Local lifestyle

The story of Oleri Estate began in 1988, when the poet Imants Ziedonis called on the government to save unmanaged and collapsing estates.  Students from the wood sculpture department of the Rīga Applied Art High School responded to the call.  After research, work began on restoration and reconstruction, focusing particular attention on authenticity.  The estate was built in the style of Early Classicism in the late 18th century.  It is surrounded by a landscape garden that was established while maintaining mid-19th century Romanticism traditions, with the selection of fashionable plants that were appropriate for the era and serious planning principles.  The kitchen garden with colourful and high flowerbeds have inspired many visitors to the garden. 

The Zemītis family have managed the Oleri Estate for more than 30 years, organising concerts of chamber music and events involving stories about the garden. 

Visitors can learn about present-day life in an historical rural estate and have tours related to the restoration of the estate's buildings, as well as the tending of the historical garden.


  • Learning about the restoration of the mansion of the Oleri Estate;
  • Learning about the principles of landscape gardens and the historical trips and stories of plants;
  • Learning about the historical Oleri Estate landscape garden;
  • A meal on the terrace of the estate.