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The Indani farm


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Horseback riding
Horseback riding
For children and teenagers
For children and teenagers

Piedāvā bērniem un skolēniem izstaigāt lauku sētu, iepazīties un pabarot mājdzīvniekus, aplūkot senos darbarīkus. Izskraidīties pa pļavu, kurināt ugunskuru un cept desiņas, vārīt tēju. Mazākām bērnu grupām (no 1-20 personām) ir iespēja piedalīties piena seperēšanā, sviesta kulšanā. Ģimenēm ar bērniem iespēja piedalīties vakara lopu kopšanā (barot dzīvniekus, slaukt kazu u.c.).

Programmas bērniem un skolēniem:

  1. Iepazīšanās ar lauku sētas ikdienu.
  2. Pa filmas "Mazie laupītāji" vietām.
  3. Izzini lauku sētas ikdienu!
Local lifestyle
Local lifestyle

The farmstead is located in the Abava Ancient River valley. Visitors can experience true Latvian farm life here.  In the farm there are goats, sheep, horses, geese, chickens, rabbits and other animals. The restoration of the farmstead began in 1991 and at that time there were collapsed barn walls and an overgrown apple orchard. The Ezeriņi family started renovating this farm in order to fulfil their eldest daughter Signe's dream of living in the countryside and owning her own horse.  

Signe now shares the fulfilment of her dream with the arriving guests, allowing to get to know and live a real country life, participate in pet care and enjoy rural romance, baking pancakes, whipping butter in a rural kitchen, taking sauna and riding a horse.

In a 2 hour farm tour visitors will learn about milking cows and producing meat, examine a collection of antique tools and will be treated to home-made delicacies. Also an overnight stay is possible to enjoy more of a country life, take a sauna with birch and juniper switches and swim in the local pond.


  • A tour of the farm, introducing the way of life in the countryside.
  • A refreshment break drinking herbal tea with honey and trying carrot buns and other traditional pastries.



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LC member
Culture and history
Latvian Heritage

This lovely farm is near Valdeķi, and visitors will experience true Latvian farm life.  The venue features goats, sheep, horses, geese, chickens, rabbits, etc.  Visitors can learn about milking cows and producing meat, they can examine a collection of antique tools, enjoy a country sauna with birch and juniper switches, swim in the local pond and taste herbal teas.  The venue has a volleyball court, horseback riding, space for tents, and a lean-to with an outdoor kitchen.  Visitors can spend the night in a room, on the second floor of the sauna or, during the summer, in the granary.


Host:  Signe Ezeriņa

Preserving the traditional Latvian lifestyle