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Beekeeping Latvia, Kurzeme, Ventspils novads



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Agri Heritage
Agri Heritage

This farm uses traditional hives to extract honey, and it offers a look at hives that were used in the past.  The owners are happy to talk about the development of beekeeping in Latvia and their experience in this regard.


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Culture and history
Latvian Heritage

LATVIAN HERITAGE CULTURAL MARK IS AWARDED FOR: For popularisation of the traditional bee-keeping skills

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The farm specialises in beekeeping and has ~200 swarms of bees. Output of 10 tonnes of honey a year. Average output is around 60 kg of honey per hive.

Flavours of Livonia - Producer

You can purchase honey made from various flowers, pollen, propolis, bee bread, wax candles and souvenirs. Taste beekeeping products and take a tour of the farm, as well.