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The Slitere National Park

2 days

The legendary blue hills of Šlītere have been known since ancient days, when pirates lit false campfires that led ships to run aground near Cape Kolka.  The shoreline in the Slītere National Park is known as the open-air geological museum of the Baltic Sea, because the ancient shores of the Baltic ice sea, Lake Ancylus, and dunes from Littorina Sea can be seen here.  These offer a fine view of the history of the Baltic Sea.  The territory was historically populated by the Liv people, and their fishing villages are a cultural environment of one of the smallest ethnic minorities in the world.  The route between Kolka and Mazirbe goes down the old shore road that passes through Liv villages.  The Slītere National Park has one of the greatest amounts of plants in Latvia, while Cape Kolka is one of the country’s most popular bird watching sites.

Route information from Latvijas Lauku forums

Walking Season5-9