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Baking carrot buns "Usi"

One of the first homes in Kolka, 1.2 km from Kolkasrags, the furthest northern point of Courland separating the Baltic Sea from the Gulf of Riga.

The owner of the farm demonstrates the way in which the traditional Northern Kurzeme dessert that is a carrot bun and is known as a "sklandrausis" is prepared. Hikers can take a tour to see the industrial history of Kolka, complete with theatrical elements and tasting of Latvia’s best sprats.

Latvian cuisine: Porridge with fried onions and meat, kefir, herbal teas.

Special foods: Carrot buns.

By the sea   Agri Heritage   Distance from countries capital city160   Season5-10   Accepts tourist groups Accommodation available Optional meals Must register in advance Pre-order required
  Must register in advance!
  Pre-order required!
Tel: +371 29475692
"Ūši", Kolka
Kolkas pag.
Dundagas nov.
LV-3275, Latvia