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Silezeru peonijas

The peony garden "Silezeru peonijas" is located in a scenic place in Valmiera region, Kocēni parish.

Currently, about 800 different varieties grow in the garden - from very early flowering peonies, daisies, intersection peonies to shrub peonies. The first three varieties of peonies were purchased in 2015. The gardening of the peony collection began with them. The new varieties were gradually purchased first from peony collectors known in Latvia, and then from foreign kennels in England, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Sweden and Poland.

The owner organizes excursions and introduces the flower of love - peony, but you need to call in advance.

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+371 29115262
"Silezeri", Kocēnu pag., Valmieras nov.