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Historical or modern center
Historical or modern center Latvia, Kurzeme

Sikrags (Sikrõg)

This is one of the oldest Livonian villages, recorded in documents for the first time in 1387.  The old road from the Dundaga Estate to Sīkrags existed in the Middle Ages.  During the 17th century, Sīkrags was one of the most important small ports in Northern Kurzeme, receiving ships from England, Holland and Lubeck that carried coal, grain and other products.  Before World War I, there were five sprat smokehouses in the village, and some 55 fishermen lived there during the 1920s and 1930s.  Among those to have been born in Sīkrags was the Livonian cultural activist Hilda Grīva (Cerbaha, 1910-1984), seafaring captain Kārlis Anbanks (1884-1937), Baptist preacher Kārlis Lāceklis (1904-1970), linguist and tradition specialist Pēteris Dambergs (1909-1987), and graphic artist Baiba Damberga (b 1957).  Today the village is a cultural monument of national importance.  It is crossed by a bike route, with a commemorative stone where the narrow-gauge railroad station once stood.  Sīkrags, like neighbouring villages, is in the Slītere National Park.

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