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Church Latvia, Vidzeme, Saulkrastu novads

Saulkrasti (Peterupe) Evangelical Lutheran Church

The first building of the church was built in 1641. The fourth building of the church was only built in 1856 – during the times of Pastor Johann Wilhelm Knierim. Its altar painting – The Crucified Christ (Golgotha) was painted in 1856 by Jozeps Millers, who was influenced by the altar piece in Munich Louis Church created by his teacher Peter Cornelius. An epitaph of Baroness Auguste Amalija von Pistohlkros, the sister of the owner of Bīriņi Manor and the patroness of the church, was immured in the memorial wall. Construction of the tower was completed on 11 June 1856, as evidenced by a memorial plaque on the wall of the church with an inscription “Erbaut von August Pistolkors 1856”. The church was consecrated in 1864. And a year later an organ by Martin Company with 8 registers, which was extended to 14 registers in 1903, was installed in the church. Unfortunately, the organ was destroyed in WW2. Saulkrasti (Pēterupe) Evangelical Lutheran Church survived both World War 2 and the Soviet period. The Soviet era was one of the most difficult times for the church, because many churches in the area were destroyed, pastors were discharged and the congregation fell apart. The Pēterupe congregation remained. As an architectural monument the church was lucky enough to undergo roof repairs of the tower even during Soviet times. Funds were granted by the Chairlady of the Executive Committee Ņina Manzūrova. 

Distance from countries capital city45   Season1-12