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Historical or modern center
Historical or modern center Latvia, Kurzeme, Saldus novads, Saldus


Saldus is mentioned in the historical documents already in 1253. Until the 13th century an ancient Cours castle Salden was located here, which is also represented in the coat of arms of the town. Around the 1341 Livonian Order built a castle near the Cours hill fort, where settlement formed. Its peak of development, like the other settlements of Courland, was during the reign of Duke Jacob 1642 – 1682. 1856 is mentioned as the year of the foundation of Saldus, when restoration of town perished during the Northern War begun. At the end of the World War II a big fights took place at the town, but town remained in German-occupied part of Latvian until the May 8, 1945. Modern Saldus attracts with its activities - town days, the music festival "Saldus Saule", as well as a variety of sightseeing objects, among which A/S 'Druvas Partika" can be mentioned, where you can watch how the ice cream is made and Saldus Food Factory, where you can taste the delicious candy "Gotina" and watch the production process.

Distance from countries capital city120 Season1-12