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Fish farm
Fish farm Latvia, Zemgale, Engures novads

Fish products REINA ZIVIS

On the west coast of the Gulf of Riga, in the Lapmezciems municipality, there is a family-owned company "Reinis-B" specializing in the production of hot smoked fish products. Reinis-B specializes in the production of smoked fish products, using only natural alder wood during the smoking process. Offering both local and overseas fish, prepared after a variety of smoked recipes and traditions. You can buy Reinis-B products in several places in Latvia: Ragaciema Fish Market, various fairs and exhibitions. In cooperation with the market of Mara, depending on the date, products can be bought in Salaspils, Bauska, Dobele, Jelgava, Kauguri and Riga's "Rimi" squares. Reinis-B organizes tastings for tourists (not less than 10 people) on Thursdays, which allows you to witness the whole production process with your own eyes and taste all the products of the company. The excursion lasts for an hour. Due to the great interest of tourists, it is important to agree on a visit by prior call.

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