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Historical site Latvia, Zemgale, Engures novads

The Ragaciems fishing area with net huts

This is a very interesting monument to the history of fishing in the region.  These areas had docks and areas where fishermen built huts to store their nets and other inventory.  The areas also had a social role – men came together to discuss work that had to be done, while women and children wove nets.  The huts at Bigauņciems were eventually washed into the sea, and the areas at Ragaciems have been partly destroyed.  The ones at Lapmežciems are the ones which are best preserved.  One of the net huts has been restored, but the others are in very poor condition, indeed.  That may be why you should focus on these huts as you walk along the beach.  Make sure that you take some pictures of this historic location.

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