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Country kitchen
Country kitchen Latvia, Kurzeme, Talsu novads

The “Plostkrogs” saloon

This saloon is in a lovely place – the ancient Abava River valley between Kandava and Sabile. It is housed in an historical building with among the largest chimneys in the Baltic States. A camp for water tourists is alongside the saloon.

Latvian cuisine: Chilled beet soup, dumpling soup, sorrel soup, sauerkraut soup, chicken livers, homemade steak haché, dried pork ribs, roast pork, grilled pork, potato pancakes with cream, crepes, herbal teas.

Special foods: Cabbage stuffed with smoked meat, cottage cheese and onions.

Distance from countries capital city103 Season1-12 Accommodation available Accepts tourist groups Accepts individual travellers This destination has specific opening hours which you must determine in advance
Facilities  appropriate for children