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Memorial place
Memorial place Latvia, Riga, Babītes novads

A monument to the Pinki battle from Latvia’s freedom war

The monument is on the side of Rīgas Street in the centre of Piņķi.  It is dedicated to May 22, 1919, when, after a pause of nearly two months, a brigade commanded by Col Balodis headed for Rīga to rid the capital city of the Bolsheviks.  The brigade was supposed to receive support from the German Landeswehr, the German Iron Division, and the units of Prince Lieven from Russia.  The first monument was unveiled by Latvian President Kārlis Ulmanis on May 23, 1939.  It was destroyed by the Soviet regime in 1951, but a copy was installed in 2003 (sculptor J. Briedis, copy by O. Skarainis).

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