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Museum Latvia, Kurzeme, Ventspils novads, Ventspils

The Ventspils Coastline Open Air Museum

The museum was established in 1954 and features the traditions of Latvian and Livonian fishermen, sailors and farmers and their lives and residences.  There are fishermen’s homesteads with net huts, smokehouses, granaries, etc.  There is a collection of fishing boats and the largest assemblage of anchors in the Baltic States (more than 100 anchors, the heaviest one weighing 22 tonnes).  The windmill was transported from the Užava Parish.  The 19th century Smiltnieki home features authentic household objects.  The newest thing at the museum is the Lielirbe Baptist Prayer House, which is nearly 100 years old.  A narrow-gauge railroad runs down the 1.3 km Mountain line from May 1 to October 31 every year, and at its end is its turntable.  The building of the museum was designed on the basis of the Mazirbe train station.  The museum is in the Jūrmala park, with playgrounds for children and the Anchor trail.

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