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Active tour
Active tour Individual Estonia, North, Tartumaa

Diversity of Peipsimaa: Varnja – Avinurme (EE)

6 days

Onions, fish, villages that stretch out for several kilometres where the buildings are lined along the main street, ornate Old Believers' churches, small harbours with fishing boats and wooden houses, each painted in a different colour! Cafés, shops and a view of Lake Peipus, which looks more like a sea than a lake. This could be the description of this tour. This tour is a very interesting part of the Forest Trail, which will give you an opportunity to see and enjoy the Lake Peipsi region, the culture and lifestyle of local people as well as the nature.

The tour will start in Tartu – Estonia’s second biggest city. You will go by bus from Tartu to Varnja where you will start to hike. During the tour you can visit Kostja’s onion farm, where the host welcomes guests and presents onion cultivation. It is also worth visiting the Chicory Museum in Kolkja to get acquainted with the history of chicory cultivation in row villages near Lake Peipus.  You will also see Alatskivi Castle. In Avinurme we suggest visiting the Avinurme wooden handicraft centre and get acquainted with the local woodcraft, spend quality time in woodworking workshops and taste or even prepare yourself a selection of Estonian traditional foods. At the end of the tour you will return to Tartu by bus.